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Feature Request: Save settings to Tree in Groups


In Test Suites & Cases, if you have a test suite that is large enough, viewing the cases isn’t easy.

In the Groups bar on the right side of the screen, the following message appears at the bottom of the test cases " __ more cases available. Show all cases or switch to compact view. " The designing of test cases becomes tedious when I have to click “show all” every time.

It would be nice if:
]You save the setting to “show all cases” so a user doesn’t have to click it every time to access a test there[/]
]You save the settings for which parts of the tree were collapsed/expanded. This would include the list of the test cases in the main window (the window to the left of the “Groups” sidebar.[/*]

We don’t use the compact view, but would like to see a collapsing feature to the “View all” in the main window. This would save my company a lot of time and effort!




Thanks for your posting and for the feedback. I understand that it would make it easier to automatically show all test cases if you are mainly interested in working with the standard view, even for larger test suites. The problem is that modern web browsers are quite slow rendering larger pages with large tables and this is one of the reasons we introduced the compact view for larger suites. We will look into making the threshold configurable so you can increase the maximum number of cases that trigger the compact view/show all link.



My team also likes to work in the full test case view (to refer to previous section testcases) but all of our suites are now past the full view threshold. We’ve never had an issue with browser performance when we click “show all cases”, it’s just a pain to have to do it every time so we’d also like to see an improvement where you can either configure the threshold or just save the user’s desire to show all.


I second (or third) this feature request.

I switch back and forth often between my test suite and the individual test cases. It is quite a bit frustrating to have to click on the “Show all cases” link each time I return to the test suite page.

I’ve tried to change my habit to just open my cases in new tabs, but the way I work, I already have too many tabs open for other stuff -_-



Thanks for all the feedback. We do plan to include a setting to change the test case number threshold in TestRail’s next update so you can increase the number of test cases that trigger the compact view/load more link. We also have other ideas to improve this in the future for teams that prefer to use the standard view for larger test suites and making the threshold configurable would be a good solution in the meantime I hope.



as test cases may be organized in sections and subsections (sub-subsections…), you could add a feature which hide from this page all tests cases located in a closed folder. It would be an easy way to browse test cases. (and very usefull for me at least :smiley: )


Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, this is something we already have on our feature request list and may look into for a future version. We already have plans to further improve the trees and grid views and will also consider adding support for collapsing/expanding the test cases/tests.



Yes please implemnt this. Very annoying!


Thanks for the feedback, Thomas. We will look into it.



Another vote for this feature. I currently have a list of 164 test cases in the same test suite, and it’s very time consuming when I return to the Test Suite from editing the test case to have to select ‘View all’ groups, then close all the opened groups (that have subsections), then select the section my test case is in. If on saving a test case you could return to the previously selected subsection in the Group, that would make life a lot easier.



Hello Maria,

There’s a new option (since TestRail 2.6) in the administration area that allows you to increase the pagination limit so wouldn’t need to click “view all” anymore for reasonable large test suites. That said, we are aware of the usability issue and we plan to look into this.



This is wonderful and just what I needed :slight_smile:

I went in Administration -> Site Settings -> User Interface -> Pagination Limit -> 500
and it works just beautifully :slight_smile:

Thank you Gurock! You guys rock :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, that’s appreciated. :slight_smile: Great to hear that you like the new option.