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Feature request: Save filter in Test Run


When I create test run with specific configuration and select test cases I want to use filter (filter cases by milestone, platform). It works just fine.
But when I later added new test cases for the same milestone and platform I want to refresh test run. When I open it again my filter is reset - so I need filter cases from the scratch and need to remember what filter I used last time.
This is quite inconvenient - would be nice to have filter stored inside test run/configuration

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Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting and the suggestion. It’s already planned to look into saving and loading filters for the test case selection and that’s already on our feature request list. You can also use the Add To Selection and Remove From Selection features on the Select Cases dialog to add/remove cases from the selection:



Is there anyway to save filter results in the ‘Test Cases’ tab?



Thanks for your posting. The actual filters are automatically saved and restored when you access the case repository again. Do you mean exporting the filtered list of cases or something else?



Please also add my vote to this feature request. It would be super convenient if I can:

  1. Create a test run with filter
  2. Whenever I add new test cases that match the filter above, they’ll be automatically added to the test run


Added to the list, thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling:



Please add my vote for saving filters in test run:

  • Saving the previously set filter in an existing test run
  • Option to save a filter preset for future test run creation


Thanks, Jasper, happy to add another vote.