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Feature request: Save and Share filters


Hi. It would be great to have ability to save and share filters for Test Cases and Test Runs (similar to what we have in Jira)


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting. It’s already planned to look into this and we would like to add this to a future version, thanks for the suggestion!



like to add another vote for this. This would help us QA guys enormously


Added to the list, thanks :smile:



Vote plus one. This would be helpful.


Added, thanks!



Also another vote from mehr for this :slight_smile:


Added, thanks :smile:



Another vote for this please. The work around I’m looking for is not available, which would be to be able to use sections as filter in the property distribution report.


Added, thanks for your feedback, Matthew!



Hello, we also want this feature to be released in the nearest future. It’s possible to save ‘sort’ but why filters not appear in the address bar with sort arguments? Thanks.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback. The filters can get so complex that’s it’s difficult to model them via URL arguments and we only store them in the database (per user & project). The sort order/grouping on the other hand is part of the URL and you can share those URLs with other users.