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Feature Request: SAML SSO via OKTA

I’ve seen reference to SSO being considered for future releases. Any ideas on timing or the nature of such support? This is one area of concern we have for using a SaaS offering of this sort based on our internal security policies.


Hello camerongo,

Thanks for the feedback. SAML/SSO support for TestRail Hosted is on our feature request list and we have plans to review this for a future update. I agree that this would be useful to have. Many teams require this for tools as many tools don’t have strong security related features such as password policies etc. As TestRail has such features built in (see Administration > Site Settings > Security) you should hopefully be able to use TestRail in the meantime as well and it’s definitely on our feature request list.

Understood - For us the primary concern is related to User onboarding/offboarding and access management processes. In the absence of SSO there have to be separate documented process controlling how these activities take place, whcih in the context of dozens of SaaS systems is not really sustainable.

Thanks for the feedback. Sure, this makes sense and we have this on our list and would like to support this eventually, although we don’t have a time frame for this at the moment. I know that quite a few of our customers would be interested in this though so it’s something we would like to support in the future.

Please add a vote for us Dennis!

Added to the list, thanks Glenn!


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This is an important feature if we are to use the cloud offering. The above response is accurate wrt password complexity polices but this is not out primary concern. To us it is most important that when a employee is removed from our corporate LDAP/AD that we know that removes them from all services, in house or in the cloud. This control is currently impossible with the current offering and as such would depend on a manual intervention to ensure access is revoked in a timely manner upon termination.

I hope this helps the Gurock team understand an additional aspect of this issue.

Hello Gavin,

Thanks for your feedback! I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. Yep, we are aware of the various benefits such a solution would offer and it’s definitely planned to look into this for a future version.


We would also be very interested in this feature, for the same reasons listed by @gavinhogan . We are a current cloud customer.

Thanks for your feedback, Frank, happy to add another vote!


Add me in for a plus 1!

Mark me down as another vote in favor of this feature!

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


Hi all, looking for this same capability. What’s the timeframe for this with Cloud for SAML (SSO) or LDAP configurations?



Hi all,

We are a current Cloud customer. This feature is extremely important for us based on our internal security policies. Is there an ETA on this?

Please add a vote for us.

Thank you,

+1 for SSO via Okta.

Any ETA on this feature?

SSO is planned for later this year. We anticipate supporting SAML 2.0, ADFS and LDAP for both cloud and server customers.



Hi- any update on when SAML will be available? We are looking to add TestRail here and one of the requirements is SAML availability. We can get by initially without it but would need this in the near future. Thanks!

Hi @itsmyaccountyo - we expect to release SAML 2.0 SSO capability along with some other new features early next year. Current ETA = beginning of February.


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anxiously awaiting - thanks