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Feature request: S curve - Test progress


Currently you can see the total of passed, failed, blocked, not executed test cases (Pie chart) and also the activity/progress per day.

But as of now (at least I have not found it :), you cannot see the overall (accumulated) progress. I like to see a S curve, which to begin with should show for a project or milestone the number of totaly passed test cases per day or week, compared to the number of totally to be executed test cases over time.

The Test progress S-curve is a quite important tool in test management



Thanks for the feedback. We don’t have such a report/chart at the moment, but it’s something we will consider for a future update (and we want to add additional reports to TestRail). Please note that the progress burndown chart for e.g. milestones already provides some of the details you would get from the S-curve chart. If this is critical for you it would also be possible to run a custom report against TestRail’s database or export files.



Hi Dennis,

Its been 4 years now; was this chart added to Testrail? If so, can you please point me to it? Or can you give me some pointers on how I can create an S Curve progress chart using custom reports?

As the original poster said above, the S-Curve progress chart is a very critical test management tool.



Hi Sriram,

Thanks for your feedback. A classical S-curve chart is not available but the burndown chart and the progress reports/tab have nearly the same level of detail. We understand that S-curve charts contain additional details which make it easier to deal with scope/workload changes but the burndown chart and the progress reports/tab also take this into account and recalculate the projected completion date, for example.