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Feature Request: Rich-text Formatting in the Notes Section

Hi there!

I just have a minor feature request in regards to rich-text formatting. It doesn’t seem to be available for formatting the Notes section.
Personally, this would be really helpful to visually organize more extensive notes; for clarity and emphasis.

Is this something that would be possible?

Thank you for your consideration!,

@swarnerCP Hi Stephanie: Welcome to the TestRail community.
Count +1 for me as to the usefulness of this request.

We’ve been using TestRail for about a year, so not a lot of experience, but I am having a hard time remembering where a Notes section is found - could you enlighten me? Since I am an Admin for our site, I navigated Administration -> Customizations, but still did not see a “Notes” field. Under what situation would you enter info into a “Notes” field?

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Hello @Dan_VeritasSplendor !

For our test cases within the actual test case itself there is a Notes field underneath our Preconditions field.
We utilize the Notes field for any specific notes pertaining to that particular case that does not fit in with the actual Steps & Expected Results, but is still useful information.
As our team is in the earlier stages of product development/testing, there are more notes to accommodate changes and certain feature deliverables, where the Notes have been a good place for that.

Hopefully that helped, thank you!

@swarnerCP Do you know if the "Type" of the Notes field is String or Text? If the former, then that would explain why rich-text formatting is not available.

I’m guessing, though, that the type is Text for I assume you would want an input field that would be capable of multiple lines of text, which the type Text provides.

For what it’s worth, I have a field named Comments that has same objective as your Notes - its type is Text and I have verified I can do rich-text formatting (italic, bolding, mono-spaced, bulleted list, etc).

Oh, interesting! I am honestly not quite sure which type the Notes section is. I can check with my manager and see if we can maybe swap out those fields to utilize rich-text formatting via Comments, and see how that goes. Thanks for the tip!

I would check with whoever administers your system to find out the type of this Notes field. Since Notes is not a field that existed on my system, I presume it was added as a “custom” field by your administrator. Unfortunately, once created, the type cannot be changed (not a surprise there).

You can tell if an input box is String or Text for:

  • String type field only allows a single line of entry,
  • Text type field can be multiple lines (how many lines is a number configured by the administrator).

We also have a “Test Case Notes” field in our results reporting and it is the only field that is plain text. It’s very annoying. Did this come by default? I don’t think this is something we configured.

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Hey @IBall,

By default in TestRail, there is not a “Test Case Notes” field, so it is likely that it was a custom field added by an administrator. As pointed out in previous replies, the field type will determine whether or not text formatting is allowed. Any text type field, either custom or built-in, will allow you to use the markdown formatting options supported natively in TestRail.

I hope that clarifies things! If you are having trouble with a specific field in your instance, or the formatting options available, feel free to reach out to the support team at and we’ll be happy to help.