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Feature Request: Rich-text Formatting in the Notes Section


Hi there!

I just have a minor feature request in regards to rich-text formatting. It doesn’t seem to be available for formatting the Notes section.
Personally, this would be really helpful to visually organize more extensive notes; for clarity and emphasis.

Is this something that would be possible?

Thank you for your consideration!,


@swarnerCP Hi Stephanie: Welcome to the TestRail community.
Count +1 for me as to the usefulness of this request.

We’ve been using TestRail for about a year, so not a lot of experience, but I am having a hard time remembering where a Notes section is found - could you enlighten me? Since I am an Admin for our site, I navigated Administration -> Customizations, but still did not see a “Notes” field. Under what situation would you enter info into a “Notes” field?

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Hello @Dan_VeritasSplendor !

For our test cases within the actual test case itself there is a Notes field underneath our Preconditions field.
We utilize the Notes field for any specific notes pertaining to that particular case that does not fit in with the actual Steps & Expected Results, but is still useful information.
As our team is in the earlier stages of product development/testing, there are more notes to accommodate changes and certain feature deliverables, where the Notes have been a good place for that.

Hopefully that helped, thank you!


@swarnerCP Do you know if the "Type" of the Notes field is String or Text? If the former, then that would explain why rich-text formatting is not available.

I’m guessing, though, that the type is Text for I assume you would want an input field that would be capable of multiple lines of text, which the type Text provides.

For what it’s worth, I have a field named Comments that has same objective as your Notes - its type is Text and I have verified I can do rich-text formatting (italic, bolding, mono-spaced, bulleted list, etc).


Oh, interesting! I am honestly not quite sure which type the Notes section is. I can check with my manager and see if we can maybe swap out those fields to utilize rich-text formatting via Comments, and see how that goes. Thanks for the tip!


I would check with whoever administers your system to find out the type of this Notes field. Since Notes is not a field that existed on my system, I presume it was added as a “custom” field by your administrator. Unfortunately, once created, the type cannot be changed (not a surprise there).

You can tell if an input box is String or Text for:

  • String type field only allows a single line of entry,
  • Text type field can be multiple lines (how many lines is a number configured by the administrator).