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Feature request: reusing steps (suggestion dropdown) & checklists



I’ve been using TestRail for a couple of months and I enjoy it a lot. Unfortunately, there are two features that I cannot find here - and for those my colleagues and I still have to turn to your competition :frowning:

As it’s really inconvenient to keep our tests in several various tools online, I’m really looking forward to a day when (hopefully!) you will also have these features.

The first is a possibility to create a checklist.
This is crucial for us when projects are small and there’s really no time for proper test cases.
I’m using TestPad for that right now. I don’t like the idea of creating empty test cases in TestRail to simulate a checklist. Plus, when time is of essence, creating a test run, then having to fill in test results each time (and no ability to quickly change test results back and forth) is really not productive. Testpad allows me to act very quickly, by making a checklist for essential functionality and then quickly running over it, marking X or V as I go.

That would be an awesome feature to have in TestRail someday.

The second is an ability to reuse steps in test cases. For now, I’m using Hiptest for that.
It’s really very tiring to write the same things over and over again, when there’s such a huge number of steps or step results that could be reused! Things like “Log in”, “Press the button”, “Open homepage” etc etc. Hiptest shows me suggestions with previously written steps whenever I start typing. Maybe TestRail could do the same someday?

Best regards,


Hi Ania,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you enjoy TestRail :slight_smile:

  • Checklists: for test cases that require less structure, we can recommend the concept of exploratory tests and sessions: . This basically involves setting a mission or goals for a case without specifying all the details. If you require more structure, you can also look into using the steps control as checklist workaround:

  • Reuse steps: you can look into using “base cases” for this and reference those cases with [C###] in the text fields but we are happy to look into reusable steps and we already have this on our todo list. Happy to another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



Thanks for your reply, Tobias.

I use exploratory testing a lot but it’s not really the same as a checklist :wink:
However, I did try to use a workaround you suggested - group my checklists into several test cases with a list of test steps. It’s not that bad actually. I still think checklist is a useful feature/field to have :slight_smile:

I’ll look into making “base cases” for copying and will see how it works.



Hi Ania,

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: We are happy to look into this and this would be a good fit for a custom field (similar to the steps field). Thanks again for the suggestion!