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Feature Request: Reusing groups of testcases in the same test suite without copying


I have had a situation come up on several projects that is giving my team trouble, and I’m wondering if TestRail currently has a solution that we could be using. If not, this is a feature request.

We often have projects where the same group of test cases appears multiple times in different locations in the same test suite. For example:

  • A set of test cases applicable to testing a level in a game. We need to run the same group of test cases in each level of the game.
  • A set of test cases applicable to uploading an image. There are multiple locations in the app where a user can upload an image, and we need to run the same group of test cases for each of those locations.

Currently, in situations like those I listed above, we duplicate the same test cases into as many locations in the test suite as necessary. This makes maintaining the duplicated test cases a hassle. For example:

  • If I need to update a few test cases that have been duplicated 15 times, I need to update each test case 15 times (and remember all of the places that test case has been duplicated).
  • If I need to add a test case to a duplicated group of test cases, I have to add it 15 times and make sure the group of test cases still appears in the same order 15 times.

The above situation is further complicated by the fact that multiple testers are adding and updating test cases on the same project at the same time. Our test suites can become a mess.

I wish there was a way to make groups of test cases that can be maintained in one spot, but reused in multiple locations in the same test suite.

Does anyone else have the same issue?


That’s why in my team we prefer using Repositories instead of testSuite.

You can create all those recurrent testcases only one time, and then include them in several Testruns, without having to copy them.

You simply create a section called “Image upload tests”, you create the TCs you need into this and in every testrun that you have to run those testcases, you simply add this section in the testRun when creating it.


From my experience baselines are still just copies of the master test suite. Changes made to testcases in the master don’t update in the baselines, or vice-versa.


If you choose “Use single repository for all testcases (recommended)” option when creating a new project, it does.

You simply create uniques testcases, and then when you create a testRun, you add a subset (or all) the testcases that you want to add, and you can add them to all the testruns that you wish.

When you edit one testcase, it gets updated in all the testruns it has been added to.


Hey Fred,

I figured out what you’re suggesting for a solution. I don’t fully understand how it solves the problem though, maybe I’m misunderstanding.

Verify button clicks
Verify button grays out
Verify button makes sound

If I want all 3 of these test cases on each section of a Button, then I’d have to set them up in the actual Test Cases layout section, no?

Or are you saying you’d create a Test Run for each Button and Add those cases to each Button Test Run? That becomes a lot of Test Runs, which maybe isn’t a bad thing, I’m just trying to understand if that’s manageable or not. I would expect a Test Run to be a Run of an entire Test Pass, not just a single part of a Test Pass.


I think I just figured out my own answer. Just create a Test Pass holding multiple Test Runs and those Test Runs can have whatever Test Cases you want inside. Thanks Fred!