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Feature Request: Restricted access to Test Suites


It would be very useful to restrict Tester access to only Test Runs (and associated test cases) as we don’t always want Testers to be able to look through all of the Test Suites in the project.

This is especially relevant for external/outsourced Testers – where we only want them to be able to see what they are assigned.

Maybe this could be managed in the Admin > Users & Roles page per user or per role?



It is currently not planned to add permissions on the test suite or test run level but I’ve added this as a feature request, thank you. You could already use separate projects for this as a workaround (and moving the test suites accordingly) if this is a critical feature for you.



Thanks. We have been using a separate project for this in the meantime, but it requires a lot more maintenance.


Have you duplicated the test cases for this? If at all possible, I would recommend moving the test suites instead (so you don’t have to maintain them in multiple places).