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Feature Request - 'Resources' field for test cases


Hi there,

Great software! I’m a few days in to your trial now and still strongly considering that this app might be way to go for us.

I have a great interest in there being an additional field called ‘Resources’ for each test case, which can be used to describe what materials are required to actually carry out the test.

It’s just an additional field, ultimately. It would be extraordinarily easy for you guys to add it in and I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated by a lot more test writers than just me!

Let me know what you think.




Hello Anthony,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you enjoy evaluating TestRail. You can simply add additional fields (“custom fields”) yourself in the administration area under Administration > Customizations. There’s a button called Add Field under Test Case Fields which allows you to add new fields to your test cases. There are different custom fields types, e.g. dropdowns, text boxes, a structured steps control etc. and I think a standard text box would make sense in your case.

We also have detailed documentation about this in TestRail’s online help (Help in the upper right of TestRail > TestRail Help > Configuring custom fields).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.




Hey Tobias,

That’s great! Thanks for your help on this.



You are welcome, Anthony. Just let me know in case there’s anything else I can help with.