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Feature Request: Rerun test plan function in mini API



I’d like to request that the “Rerun” functionality for both Test Runs and Test Plans be added to the mini API. This is to allow our automation framework to trigger new runs based on existing test plans.




Thanks for your posting and my apologies for the delayed response, there was an issue with our message notification. I’ve added the suggestion to our feature request list. We also already have the feature requests on our list to specify the test cases/configurations to include in runs and test plans via the API, and this would also allow you to specify the exact details via the API when this gets added.



I’d like to add a big +1 to this.

Without this feature our Jenkins integration is almost useless.

Brian Rock


Hello Brian,

We plan to add additional features to the API with one of the next updates. The current plan is to release TR 2.5 and then work on an API update.

PS: I changed your username here in the forum so that your email address is not visible.

I hope this helps,


Thanks for the quick response.

I thought I could work around this by pushing all our automated suites into a TestPlan and just automate the results back to that, but it appears the api doesn’t support that?

curl -H “POST: application/json” -d “status_id=1” “*******

{“result”:false,“error”:“Field Test Run is not a valid test run.”}

Do you know when you will support this feature? We have 25+ suites that we have automated and I’d really like to have our Jenkins system create these new runs on the fly.


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your update. We currently do not have an expected time frame for this feature. We are currently working on finishing TR 2.5 and will then work on an API update. Could you explain your API call sequence a bit more, so that we can recommend the best way to implement your Jenkins integration?



Hi all,

Sorry I just saw this thread… Has been this feature (Rerun functionality) included on the TestRail API ?




Hi Diego,

That’s quite an old thread that you found there! :slight_smile: This was actually about the previous TestRail API, which didn’t have a lot of capabilities back then. You would be able to rerun a previous test run by simply creating a test run via the add_run method and specifying the details of an existing run (which you can get via get_run). There wouldn’t be a need to have a direct rerun API method, as you can already accomplish this via the API.

I hope this helps!


Yeap, you are right. This discussion was created 4 years ago. :smile: :scream:

Thanks you for you response,