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Feature request = Requirement Module

Please please please add Requirement module. Also a Requirement Traceability Matrix.

I would like to +1 this.

@odenton @peacjen


TestRail doesn’t have a built-in requirement management module, because we found that most teams prefer to manage their requirements/user stories/feature requests within their issue tracker such as JIRA, wiki software or dedicated requirement management tools.

That said, you can link test cases to externally stored requirements via TestRail’s References field. You can learn more about the References field here:

TestRail also comes with various reports for requirements and other metrics. For example, you can generate traceability and coverage reports for requirements or defects from the Reports tab (such as Cases > Coverage for References or Defects > Summary for References).

However, we do have plans of adding a more simple X/Y report format and I’d be happy to add your votes to the feature request.


I’m aware of those reports. They are not useful since I have to manually paste a list of references beforehand and not sure how many references that report can handle. It would be nice to be able to import a list of references into the report or maybe another integration extension with JIRA to pull references

Please add my vote to the X/Y report format.


Sure, I have already added your vote.