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Feature request: Reporting


When creating a report of a test run, it would be great if you could customize the report with checkboxes (for instance).

  • ID
  • Title
  • Assigned TO
  • Priority
  • Duration (!!!)


Hello Stijn,

Thanks for your feedback. I agree that it would be useful to configure the columns and this is already planned. Improving the reports is one of our main goals for the coming months. Please note that you can also already switch to a more detailed view of the print report via the dropdown field in the upper left corner of the print popup.



Dennis, thanks for the reply and looking forward to your next upgrade…


Hi Dennis, I am wondering if the advanced API has pull capabilities for test results, or if it is push only? We want to setup some reporting to our wiki and am wondering if there is an out of the box method, or if we should just query the db?



Hello Tony,

while the API does have a few get_* methods to query information, querying statistics / reports is best done by querying the database via SQL as it’s a lot more flexible and you have access to more information this way. TestRail’s database already caches many summarized statistics for performance optimization and you can easily query those values (e.g. the aggregated passed/blocked/failed count of tests is stored in the ‘runs’ table and similar). Just let us know in case you have any questions about the schema / database.