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Feature Request: Reporting on TestSuites


One of the very common use case for for various test case management system is to be able to get some statistics around the inventory of test cases.

For example:

  • how many tests are in a particular project
  • how many tests are these with a particular field set to some value.
  • how many tests have been added since some date
  • how many test have been written by some person x

These are some very basic reporting features that come up all the time and need to be presented to management. Do you know if ‘test suite’ level reporting is part of the next reporting release ?




Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. While not all questions can be answered with the initial set of reports that will be part of the next update, the new reporting feature will also add nice support for custom reports (so called report plugins) which can use the same features as the built-in reports (UI integration, scheduling, notifications, etc.). In fact, the built-in reports are also implemented as ordinary report plugins and it is planned to fully document the reporting API so that customers can build their own reports.

TestRail 3.0 (as the upcoming version will be called) will ship with several general and quite advanced reports but the whole feature was planned with custom reports and customizations in mind as every customers has different questions and reporting needs so we made it very easy to implement and integrate custom reports.



Sound great.
One other things that would be very useful would be some sort of query language support. Just like JIRA has JQL, maybe TestRail can have TQL (testrail query language). This would be useful in both testsuite and testrun area.


Hello Ali,

Thanks for the additional feedback. Such a query engine will not be part of the reporting feature for now (you can develop custom reports using PHP and SQL though, which is more powerful). That said, we would like to look into this as of a new search feature for TestRail in the future and this is already on our to-do list.