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Feature Request: Remember selected group in single-group mode



Would it be possible for the system to remember what group I have selected in single group mode while running a test case (i.e: untested, failed) when the page is refreshed? My current test tool allows you to filter test status and then you can refresh to get an updated list. With TestRail it defaults back to the first group when the page is reloaded.

Also, if there was an ajax-y way to move the tests around when the status is changed and you have the tests filtered by status would be cool.



Hello Mike,

Thanks for the suggestions. I agree that it could be useful to remember the selected section in some situations and I’ve added this as a feature request. We are also considering turning the Todo tab into “full” query page at some point, but this hasn’t been decided yet.

Regarding moving tests to the “correct” section when you add a result and you grouped the tests by status: we considered this but we suspect that this could be more confusing than it would help. For example, when a tester adds a result but wants to take a look at the test again or change the result, it could be difficult to find the test when it’s moved automatically (especially for larger runs). But we will make sure to take a look at this again.