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Feature Request: Recently Viewed Pages

It would be helpful to have a feature that allows users to navigate back to a recently viewed page, so they don’t have to rely on the Browser’s back-button functionality. As an Admin, I sometimes bounce from a Test Run directly to something in the Administration menu. It would be nice to be able to drop down a “Recent” list similar to the “Working On” button to be able to select recently viewed pages. If it was presented in Breadcrumb fashion, it would be possible to select any step along the path of the recently viewed page. Without that link, I am forced to use the Browser Back-button, or re-navigate through the menu structure.

e.g. “Projects > CRM > Test Runs > Smoke Test Nov 2019 > T2319” could be the string for Test Case T2319 in the Test Run “Smoke Test Nov 2019”. Each portion of the string could be a hyperlink, enabling you to jump to whatever part of the string is most useful to you.