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Feature Request: Real coverage metrics


As a QA I want the ability to create a custom object in Test Rail
so that I can track real coverage metrics
and report to upper management.

I want to create a custom object (Acceptance Criteria Object ACO)
that object has a unique ID
I can associate one or many test cases to this acceptance criteria object
This object may have 1…N fields called 'Areas’
An area is one aspect of the full acceptance criteria. EACH ‘area’ can be wired to
an automated or manual test id. The automated test can then be linked to an ID in our automated test framework.

Then I can pull really pretty charts for my managers (because we all know they only understand pictures.)

Its absolutely frustrating that this is a common problem in the community yet nobody has come up with an intelligent solution. Maybe this will get someone to think about it. This would be extremely powerful feature. And a huge selling point. Hey! look at us you can actually track your crap. Everyone has partial coverage options… I want real coverage metrics. so my coverage with large scale UI testing over time. give me trends!

Object (ACO)
Field Type
Description string
Area string (1…N)
Automated bool
Story ID GUID (from Jira, MS teams, whatever)