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Feature Request: Re-sizable Text Boxes


I’d be surprised if this hasn’t been asked before but I couldn’t find a related post through a quick search.

Would it be possible to make the text boxes in TestRail re-sizable?

When creating/editing test cases some of the text boxes are quite small and there seems to be no way to change this.

Some examples are: Preconditions, Notes, Test Step/Expected Result (In Test Steps & Procedure).

It’s hard to see what you’ve already written or get back to the place you were working on when the text boxes are only around four lines in height.

We are using TestRail v3.1.1.3130.



Hello Brent,

Thanks for your posting. You can resize most fields using the small, gray “grippie” bar below the fields. This looks as follows:

You can permanently change the default size of the fields in the custom field options. You need administrator status to do this and can change those options in the administration area under Administration > Customizations and then edit the respective fields. Once you’ve opened a custom field form, you can edit its options for one or all projects in the table above the Save button:

Text-based fields (e.g. Text or Steps) have a “Rows” option to customize the default height of their text boxes.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



Would it be possible to extend resize support for Test Step/Expected Result boxes?

These are the most common text boxes in our test cases, but it doesn’t currently seem possible to resize them.

Unfortunately, it’s not worth it for us to change default field size, as about 3/4 of the time field size is okay. However, in some rare cases we need double the space or more.



Thanks for your posting. I assume you are referring to the steps/expected result boxes of the separated steps field, is this correct? If so, the next feature version of TestRail (4.0) will add support for this (currently scheduled for September) and this has already been implemented.