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Feature Request: Providing configuration details on Pushing and Adding defects to JIRA


We greatly enjoy using Test Plans and Run Configurations extensively to plan out all our test activities.

When we fail tests and have to create defects, we find however, an opportunity for improvement. Namely an automated way of carrying over the configuration information to the created defects.

I have found a %run_config% placeholder which should be supported for the [Add Defect URL][1], but a URL like this doesnt work


The %run_config% placeholder is not available from the list of placeholder variables used for the description templating part of Integration.

We are using TestRail server 5.0 and JIRA 6.3.6


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your posting. The %run_config% placeholder is only used with the Add Defect URL and this is independent of the description template (which is used for the Push feature). If you use the new JIRA add-ons (introduced just this week with TestRail 5.0), TestRail would automatically display test run/plan/milestone etc. information in JIRA in the Results and Cases panels:

You can install the new add-ons via the Atlassian marketplace or directly in JIRA:



Nice, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Right now we are still at the stage of pilot project, so we wont be installing the add-on to our production server before more evaluation and meetings has come about.


Hi Paul!

Thanks for your reply, sounds good. :slight_smile: Please let us know in case any further questions come up, we are happy to help.

If you use JIRA Server, you can also limit the add-on to select user groups which makes it very easy to take a look at the add-on without making it available to all JIRA users: