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Feature request: provide option to copy testcase


Provide option to copy selected testcase, if activated a copy of the copied testcase is created with name [original name] - copy


In the Test Suites and cases screen - click on the dots just to the left of your arrow till they change to a + and move the case to where to want it and when you let go - you will have 3 options: Move or Copy or Cancel. You don’t even have to have the check box checked.


OK, thanks for clarification


This also works if you want to copy multiple test cases simultaneously.

Just select the checkbox for all the tests that you want to copy and then drag-drop the dots on the left and you will get the same options that will be applied to all selected test cases.


Hello Mathijs,

Thanks for the post! The above information is correct. I just wanted to add that you can also easily copy the test cases by pressing and holding the shift key while dragging them to the appropriate section.

I hope this helps!