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Feature request: provide option to copy test steps (within same testcase)


Currently, I have a lot of teststeps which I would like to copy within same testcase. This is currently not possible in Testrail. Please provide an option as displayed below


Hi Mathijs - thanks for your suggestion. We have this in our list of feature requests and I’ve added your vote.


Reusing Test Steps

Count me as vote for this feature!
While I would not use it often, there are times where It is easier to create a new test step via copying and modifying an existing one.

Additionally, there are times when I wish I could create a “template” test step that I could use (invoke, call-out, whatever term you like) in multiple places in a test step and/or test cases, but that’s a different feature.


Hi Dan - thanks and I’ll add your vote.

As for template test steps, you’re right - it’s an entirely different feature - but one that is very much on my radar. Stay tuned for further developments in this regard!



We just started using Test Rail and I would like to see this feature (copying test steps) in future release, although as soon as possible. This will make our life as tester much easier. +1 vote from me for this feature.


Hello swasharma,

Thanks for the post! I’ve add your vote to this feature request.



Please add my vote as well for this feature.



Please add my vote tooo…


What’s the status of this feature?