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Feature Request:Provide ability to move tests between any 2 containers


When using a project in multiple suite mode, moving/copying test cases is possible via drag/drop. You can drag/drop (copy/move/paste) between suites because you can see multiple suites in a single view.

However, when using the new baseline approach you can no longer copy/move/paste between suites as you can only view one suite on a page at a time. I can understand that with baseline support some customers may want to restrict moving/copying between baselines but there are use cases for it.

The strategy we are using with baselining is to create test cases for new features in our Master, baseline Master after release, then delete all feature test cases from Master not deemed to be regression. It will hopefully be very rare but there may be situations in which we determine that an old test case from a baseline should now be promoted to regression (back to Master). At the moment we are assuming that this would be so rare that we would just re-create the test. Being able to copy from the baseline would be useful.

Another use case would be for being able to copy/move/paste between projects. This would enable us to use a separate project as a sandpit for agreeing on test cases before they are moved into Master on our main project.

I would hope that this could be implemented as a select dialogue launched from a Copy/Move button next to the Add Case button. The dialogue would allow me to select test cases from other suites or projects then provide me with two buttons - Copy and Move.



Thanks for your posting. Copy/move for test cases is available with all three suite modes (multi, single, single + baseline), within the same test suite via drag & drop and across suites/projects with the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog.

If you don’t see the functionality to copy/move test cases, then this might be caused by a permission related setting for the project you are testing this with. Please make sure that your user account has full Add/Edit permissions for test cases. You might also have changed the grouping/ordering and drag & drop is only available if you group your test cases by section (the default).

Copy/move across suites/projects is available via the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog (can be opened by clicking on the Copy icon in the toolbar when viewing a test suite, i.e. the icon with two sheets of paper).

I hope this helps!