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Feature request - project level file attachment


I haven’t read all the topics so please forgive me if this has already been brought up. It would be very helpful (almost critical, for me) to be able to attach files to a project. I have SRS’, design docs, etc. for every project and they are frequently referenced. Not having them available in a test manager seems problematic to me.


Hello Steven,

thanks for the suggestion. You can attach documents and files to individual test cases or test results but there currently isn’t a centralized repository to store files in a project and then reference these files from cases/results etc. I can see certainly how this would be useful (and required in some cases) and I’ve just added it to our feature request list, thank you.



I’m just trying out TestRail and ran into this same problem. The ‘References’ field is sufficient for most of our projects, but for others the documentation is drawn from across a number of teams and different repositories. It’s a big drawback to not be able to attach them at the project level so that they are collected in one place for the QA team, which doesn’t necessarily have access to all those other sources. Would love to see this make it into a new version soon!



Thanks for the feedback. I agree that this would be useful to have. Please note that you could also already link to external files from the project description/announcement field. You could upload any central/shared files to TestRail’s web server manually (with a local installation) or a shared drive or similar, but having a built-in way would of course work better.