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Feature Request: Produce a list of testcases with selected results


On Test Run results overview screen, it would be useful to be able to use this information to produce a list of test cases that fit only a particular result.

E.g. if I click on “18 Passed” in my results overview, I would like a list of the 18 passed cases, if I click on “2 Failed”, I would like a list of these failed cases. It can be very time consuming to find say 2 failed test cases among a test run of 1000 test cases.

At the moment, this overview looks nice, but doesn’t really serve much of a purpose.



You can easily find out the failed tests for a test run by clicking on the Status column header. This will group the tests by their status and you can immediately see the Failed/Blocked etc. tests:

(Grouped by Assigned To in this case; clicking on Status would group by status)



That’s great functionality - we had no idea that it would sort them into groups. Thanks.


Because it’s not obvious for beginners like me, please add tooltips for those column headers. For example, the tooltip for “Status” is currently “javascript:void(0)”. If possible, change it to “Click to sort” for example.


Good point, thank you Philippe. We will look into it for the next version after the 2.7 (which is already feature complete and available soon).