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Feature Request: Print only current filter


Tobias, our goal is to take ‘folder’ of test cases and only print those test cases in the folder. We want ALL the details, not just the outline. Some people like to review a test plan (folder in TestRails terms) by printing it out rather than review it online. I haven’t found a way to do the same thing in Reports (unless there is a ‘custom’ report?)


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your posting. The “details” mode is available via the standard print views (when you click on the printer icon) but this currently does not take the filtering into account. We are happy to look into this for a future version and I just added your vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!




I am not meaning to be rude, but you said it was on your TO DO list 19 months ago now. This is a common sense feature that obviously has a lot of support. Please advise when you are planning to do this.



Hello Martin,

Sure, no problem and feedback is always welcome. It’s true that some features are/have been on our feature request list for quite some time including this one. We can only implement features one after another and need to prioritize based on customer feedback and overall strategy of TestRail. While this filter feature for the print views may sound quick to add it’s actually quite complex technically because this needs to scale to ten of thousands of records (and beyond) for large suites/runs/plans/milestones. I currently don’t have an estimate for this feature unfortunately but we would like to see this in the product as well and review the feature list for every larger release.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Once again, not trying to be rude. Aren’t you already addressing the problem of tens of thousands of records when you allow filtering in the UI?

The only difference here would be that you wouldn’t need to worry about pagination - the DB would pipe the whole result set immediately, not needing to leave it lying around on the DB server waiting for the next page request.


Hi Martin,

Yes, this is true to some extent but there some exceptions. For example, the print views also ideally need to support milestones and plans and filtering is currently only available on the run/case repository level. This can be a huge difference but we already have some ideas on how to best approach this and eventually add this to TestRail. An alternative is to provide filtering support just on the run/case repository level and we could also add this in two steps.

Thanks again for your feedback!



My heart suck when I found this as a feature request. We need to have detailed reports, not outlines, in every single report. As you can see, this will very quickly get out of hand when I’m going to have to cherry pick through prints to see which ones they want.

I hope this is a high priority fix. Report printing is going to be a nightmare until then.


Hi Michael,

Yes, it’s definitely planned to look into this. Happy to add your feedback/vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



I know this might not count for much as this thread has been going on for almost 2 years now (since Oct '14). However, I thought I would put my vote in for this feature.


Hi Roxanna,

Happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback! Most features we add to TestRail are driven by customer feedback, so every vote counts :slight_smile:



Hi Tobias,

Please add a vote for me as well.

Thank you



Thanks for your feedback, Noel!



We are running the Latest Version: and would like the option of printing section(s) of tests for example.

Is this feature planned for a future release?


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to address this for a future release but currently don’t have any ETA / timeframe for this. I’m happy to add another vote to this request on your behalf as well.



Please count us in for this feature.

Regards - Uwe Holst


Your vote has been added! :slight_smile:


Please add my vote please!


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the feedback, vote added!



One more vote to the list please…


Sure, I’ve added your vote!