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Feature Request: Print only current filter


If I try to print from the Test Suite view after I have applied a filter to that view, the print preview shows ignores the filter and indicates that the print would contain all test cases (I am only assuming that it would actually print all, not willing to test that).

Printing should either honour the current filter on the view or allow for the application of a separate filter.



Thanks for your posting. The print views currently display all cases/tests that are part of a test suite/run. It’s planned to make this more flexible and we already have this on our todo list, thanks for your feedback on this!



As a client with large test runs and test case suites this would be a useful addition for your next release


Hi Simon!

I added your vote to our list, thanks for your feedback on this.



Hi Tobias,

I notice that this common sense function is still not implemented.

Please note that when you do implement it that exporting to Excel would benefit from honouring the same filter.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your feedback! It’s still planned to look into this and I’m happy to another vote to this feature request.




Put me down for this feature too.



Added to the list, thanks John :smile:



+1 vote for me…this is most certainly needed.

I use the print test case feature all the time (-> PDF) to share with others for quick reviews, most of the time those reviews are subsets of test cases in the test suite.



Hi Brian,

Thanks for your feedback! I’m happy to add another vote.



Tobias, please add me to this list too since we are seeing the same issue (we have 9000+ test cases). I just saw this issue after we had evaluated many test management systems and picked TestRail. Now I’m going to have to figure out a workaround in the meantime…


Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your feedback, I’m happy to add another vote. Filtering is supported almost everywhere in TestRail (case selection, reports, etc.), and it’s planned to look into this for the print views (and exports) as well. Do you have the option to use a different, non-print report from the Reports tab which supports filtering?



This feature will be very useful when a team requires quality review on testing documentation which will be available to customers. We don’t want wait all the testing complete then deliver the documentations, because customers want to see the QA deliverable periodically.


I also like to throw my vote on this !


Add another vote from our team. We have actually been struggling with this exact item a lot over the past couple of weeks.


Added, thanks John!



Please add my vote as well. Any idea when this feature will be implemented?



Hello Paul,

Thanks for your feedback! We currently don’t have an estimate to be honest but this feature request is quite popular and I’m happy to add another vote. It’s one of the more complex/technically challenging features but we would like to see this in the product as well and it’s definitely planned to look into this for a future version.



Add another vote from us on that one. We are frequently trying to work around this which basically means open the print dialog, copy what we want and then paste that somewhere to print from there.


Thanks for your feedback, John! It’s definitely planned to look into this.