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Feature Request: preserve history from one test run to another



Our group has been using TestRail for 5 months or so, and it’s working out great. Many thanks for letting us evaluate TestRail for so long while the purchase order was in process.

One request our guys have inquired about has to do with the test run history. Many times they want to know about any defects that were opened in a particular test (we track bugs in Fogbugz and link these cases in the Defects field) . However, when a new test run is created, they can no longer see what defects were opened (unless they view closed test runs) because the history is not preserved across test runs (which is understandable in most cases). This can lead to duplicate bug submissions, and we try to avoid that as much as possible.

The feature request we have is to preserve the Test Run history when coping from a previous Test Run. When you view a closed test run and click on “Rerun”, this would cause the history of the test run to be preserved (or, this could be an option in the Add Test Run window).

If there is some workaround for this we would appreciate any insight you could provide.



Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your posting and your feedback. Great to hear that you and your team enjoy using TestRail!

This is an interesting feature request we haven’t heard before and I will make sure to discuss this here. Do you want the test run history just for the defects? If so, there may even be better ways to display previously entered defects (maybe in the sidebar, or similar). Anyway, I’ve added it to our feature request list and we will consider this for a future version.

There’s currently no workaround for this. That said, the upcoming version of TestRail lets you customize the columns in the test tables which also supports displaying the Defect fields. While not a perfect workaround, this at least gives you a good overview over previously entered defects (which you could open in a separate browser tab, for example).




After talking this over, we think it would be most helpful if the entire history was preserved.

So our idea is this: when copying a Test Run/Plan, the history is copied as well (if the option “preserve history?” is checked).

If a previous defects field were to be available, it would be helpful if we could override the functionality (ex: query bug tracker and remove defect from TestRail if it is not active).

Thanks for the quick and positive response!


Hello Daniel,

Thanks for the update. I’m not sure if we will include a full history-copy feature for the runs. While I can certainly see how this can be useful in some situations (such as you described), It may be an unexpected behavior / option for some users. That said, we like the general idea of improving the defect visibility for older test results and we will also think about ways how to make it easier to avoid defect duplicates.

Just let me know in case you have any further questions.




We’ve started using TestRail several months ago and also would find feature, described above (defect history between test runs) very useful.
The version we have is, but still there is no possibility to see defects from previous test run. What are your future plans regarding this?



Hello Ausra,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s still planned to display this as part of the test runs and we already have concrete plans for this. E.g., we would like to display this directly on the test page (ideally with past results as well).


Sorry for bumping old topic, but this is very useful and long-awaited feature. Is there any updates regarding this issue?

Best regards,


Hello Yevhen,

We still have plans to make it a bit easier to discover previous results/defects from a test page and it’s on our list. You can already look up all recent test results via the Test Results tab when you open a test case though.