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Feature Request: Popup test runner view


I would like a streamlined popup window view to make it easier to execute test runs. The current website is pretty wide, which can make it difficult to execute a test run while using the software under test. You really only need the steps, the timer, and prev/next buttons for moving from one test case to the next.



I agree that a dedicated & simple runner window would be useful and we received that feedback before. I’m sure we will add this at some point, although we don’t yet know if it’s better to integrate this in the web app or to have a dedicated (cross-platform) desktop runner for this. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages and we will need to think more about this.



Just to clarify, I’m advocating a browser based popup window.


Thanks, this is probably also what we are going to use, as it’s a lot easier to implement. Still, a desktop-based approach would allow us to add a few nice features such as built-in screenshot capabilities etc, but we might also be able to add this as an optional add-on.



Its been nearly two years since the original posting and I would like to ask what the status of this feature extension is.

We are evaluating software at the moment and like TestRail so far, but the presence of a test runner is to be considered in our evaluation.

Thanks for your answer



Thanks for your request. We don’t currently have an update regarding a separate runner popup window or desktop tool. We try to make TestRail’s standard test run and execution interface as simple to use as possible so you can also quickly enter test results. We still plan to look into this for a future TestRail version though but don’t have plans for the next updates in this regard.