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Feature Request: Permission level for managing Users Access to Project


There should be an additional permission for adding existing users to projects.

For large installations like ours it makes sense for project leads to be able to add / remove users from their projects without making an admin request.


Hi Tony,

Currently the user permissions are completely managed via the administration area as you know. Have you thought about giving administrator rights to a few team leads so they can assign user permissions themselves? We will consider adding additional levels of administrators such as project admin and site admin to TestRail in the future .



Hi Dennis,

Yeah, I am considering that. But in a installation as large as ours it is a slippery slope as admins can create other admins and soon there is a lack of tight controls around global changes.



Hi Tony,

Yes, I agree that this could become an issue, but I know that other large TestRail teams are handling the project management like this and then resolving this organizational. But we will also look into adding multiple admin levels to TestRail in the future.



Just as a quick follow up we have customized this using a separate PHP web page to manipulate the user table. It is quite effective, and more importantly the teams are happy to have the localized control, and I’m happy that I don’t have 30+ testrail admins :slight_smile:


Hi Tony,

Thanks for the update, very nice. :slight_smile: As I mentioned previously we will be looking into this fora future update, but glad to hear that you found a good workaround for this in the meantime.



how do you give admin rights to a lead?


You can simply edit a user under Administration > Users & Roles and check the relevant admin box on the Access page of the user’s edit form.

I hope this helps!