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Feature Request: Pass/Block/etc step result updates overall status


In the Add Test Result screen, when selecting a step result to “Passed/Block/Retest/Custom/etc” it should also update the tests’ “Overall Status” to reflect those choices.

I notice that the overall status will update to “Failed” if I fail a test step or of I press “Set all steps to Failed”, but this update will only occur once.

The overall Status should always be updating to reflect the status of the Step Results.

If this is implemented, there should also be a way to customize the priority of the statuses. For example, I set “Blocked” to be more severe than “Failed”, then say if one step fails, then the overall status is set to “Failed”, but if then a following step is set to blocked, then the overall status is set to “Blocked” since the blocked status is a higher priority.


Hello Patrick,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this behavior is currently only triggered by the Failed status. We do this because Failed is the only status that logically allows to set the entire test to failed. For example, if you set all steps to passed, it might still make sense to fail the overall test (e.g., if you’ve seen something that’s not covered by the steps).

It might help to have priorities in this case and thanks for your suggestion. We will make sure to review this again for one of the next versions.