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Feature Request: Part of a test case for re-use


Is it possible to mark some part of a test case for re-use in other test cases, something similar Atlassian Excerpt Macros: Excerpt Macro and Excerpt Include Macro

Use Case:
There are several test cases for testing some feature of our product and all related test cases have similar preconditions and some common information.
I would like to have some functionality similar to Atlassian Excerpt Macros to avoid coping-pasting of same content to all these test cases. Also it will simplify editing of this common content, because updating of the source will automaticaly update all related test cases.


Hi DKim,

You can link to other cases with the [C###] syntax and this is automatically rendered as a link to the case. This doesn’t include the case content or fields of the case (as I assume the macros do) but it’s still useful to avoid duplicate content and reuse cases or parts of them in other cases.

I hope this helps!



Currently we are using this approach and I’ve created special test case template for common test cases, but unfortunately, for this common test cases results will be collected and JIRA tickets will be updated too, i.e. it is be very verbose.

Is it possible to create a test case, which will not have results and will be ignored by JIRA?


Hi DKim,

You can simply exclude those cases from test runs by changing the case selection (Select Cases dialog). One approach that’s often used is to add a new attribute/custom field on the case level (e.g. Base Case: Yes/No) and use that to filter your cases on the Select Cases dialog.