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Feature request: Organize test suites manually


Please add the ability to drag and move test suites just like you can with test cases. I don’t want them to be organized alphabetically. I want to group them based on my own preference.



Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I agree that there are situations where this may be useful/preferred over alphabetical sorting. I’ve added this as a feature request for now and we will consider this for a future version of TestRail.

Thanks again,


Yes, this would be an excellent feature and quite honestly I’m surprised (especially given how long it’s been since this was originally brought up) it’s not already there…seems like it would be by now.

Alpha is fine…it gets us by but users know better how they want their stuff organized so allowing us to do so would be most helpful.


Hi Dragon,

Thanks for your posting! This request was about the suites which are no longer used in a default TestRail configuration and are now optional. You can learn more about suites here:

(see “Suite Modes and Baselines”)

The sections/folders you see in the case repository can be ordered the way you like and they are not sorted alphabetically. You can move and reorder sections via drag & drop in the sidebar.

I hope this helps!




When do you think this feature will be added? It’s quite frustrating not to be able to sort the test suites.

Jenny - new to TestRail


Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your feedback! How many test suites do you have in a typical project? We usually recommend using just a single suite (case repository) for projects and this approach has many advantages over using multiple suites. For example, it’s much easier to start runs & plans or create report for all cases in the repository but you still have the flexibility to filter or use subsets as needed.




and thanks for your answer! My first project has a test suite for each module and now I have sorted them using numbers.
Great to see the settings in the picture. I will think about how to set up my next test cases and maybe rearrange the old ones. :slight_smile:



Thanks Jenny :slight_smile: The idea with the numbering is a good one, thanks for sharing this.

Regarding the suite modes: using a single, big case repository is the most flexible option and usually recommended and can also be combined with baselines for advanced versioning:

Restructuring a project to use the single-suite mode is possible but please note that moving cases across suites would remove related tests & results in active runs, so it’s best to close active runs beforehand. An alternative is to experiment with the single-suite mode in a new or test project first to see if this is a good fit for your workflow.