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Feature Request or Query - Report timeframe of last 24 hours


When configuring reports you can set the time frame to be the previous seven days. Is there a way to set the activity timeframe to be the previous 24 hours?

I work with a test team with a 12 hour difference in the workday as I believe many people do. Timeframes of Yesterday and Today do not work for this use case. This would make it possible to design scheduled generated reports for a morning brief of my test teams efforts overnight.


Hello Russell,

Thanks for your posting. It’s currently not possible to use the previous 24 hours as the time frame (I’ve added this as a suggestion, thanks!). I would recommend looking into generating two separate reports (with Today and Yesterday), even if they overlap a bit. Would this work for as a workaround in the meantime?

The reports always run in the context of the user who added the report and also use the time zone of this user. So, if you use the same user to create the (scheduled) report, the time zone context would also be the same and this should help with this.



Separate reports do cause overlap and splitting of different testing session data. It would be awkward to use.

However, the idea of changing the timezone on the TestRail account and adjusting the time the reports are generated should work.



Thanks for your reply, Russell, and good to hear that this works for you in the meantime.


Report timeframe of last 24 hours