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Feature Request: Option to prefill result fields with last used value


Hello! I’ve got a feature request I would personally appreciate.

As a tester, I want to be able to set certain fields to remember their last input value. It could probably apply to any field, and I think the option to choose whether or not a field should remember its most recent value would be personal preference.

For example, the first test result I input for the day I would change the “Version” field to the day’s build number, and for the rest of the day, I save all of those keystrokes!

The workaround I’m using is staying in the top level view of the test suite and trying to maximize my usage of adding test results to multiple test cases at the same time. Chrome autofill isn’t the most helpful workaround, I usually have to type out the whole build number anyway.



Hi George,

Thanks for your posting. If the version number is the same for the entire run, you can alternatively also add it to the test run description or name. I know this is just an example and we are happy to look into this as a general feature for a future version, thanks for your feedback!