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Feature Request: Notes on reports


In TestRail I run a daily summary report for the development group. It contains the overall progress pie chart, the activity chart and tests (I include only exception test results such as blocked, retest and failed) and also the burn down chart. This is great for us as it almost gives everything I need at a glance.

The 2 things missing are details by sections and subsection (another feature request) and general notes. The stats only tell part of the picture. In the creation of a report I’d like the option to add notes in a simple test field. In this section I’d add information about environmental issues, resource challenges or and other factors that may impact testing that can’t be extracted from the data in TestRail. The text field could be configurable in size and you could possibly and screen shots. This feature would be really useful to many others I think.


Hi Derek,

Thanks for your posting. A general text field is already supported and there’s a Description field at the top of the form when you create reports. This allows you to add additional context details to created reports and this field was specifically added with this purpose in mind.

I hope this helps!




Thanks for the feedback! I never really thought about using the description field for this purpose, it’ll come in handy. You say you also support a general text field. How is that configured for reports as I can’t seem to see it or find further info on configuration.


I meant the Description field as the general text field :slight_smile: This can be used for anything you like and it’s usually used for adding additional context details to reports etc. and should be a good fit in your case.



Thats great thanks, already used it! :slight_smile:


Great to hear that :slight_smile: