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Feature Request: Negativ-Testplan


Hi !

So when you are working with many test plans towards your milestone, it is always good
to have a look on the report to check the coverage rate besides all test cases.

It´s important to know, did we work on every case?
For that situation, powerful reports show you the coverage rate.

It would be a great feature, if I can create an automated selected testplan.
A “negativ” testplan within all the testcases that I didn´t cover with my tests reagarding the current milestone.

If I get this rigtht, at that moment it´s only possible to rerun a testplan, and in that specific testplan I can use filter actions (select tests: select all/passed/blocked/untested) regarding the chosen testplan.

That would be a great feature,
a help to save time



Hello Philip,

Thanks for your posting. It’s recommended to use the Rerun functionality for this which was specifically designed to include tests based on the previous status. This will automatically create a smart case selection by including every test case that matches one of the selected statuses (with at least one occurrence in one of the test runs).



Hi Tobias,

Thank you for your reply. The rerun functionality is a great feature if you want to get a testplan based on the previous status. In order to guard against misunderstandings: My request was related to a milestone. In other words: I want the possibility to rerun a testplan based on multiple testplans.

I attached to this message a picture showing the current selection (for rerun a test plan). At the moment it is only possible to select one testplan (e.g. Tesplan 4), I would like to select multiple testplan at the same time (e.g. Testplan 4,3,2,1), or even better a milestone.



Hello Philip,

If you want to rerun all test plans of a milestone, I would recommend opening the milestone and then opening its test plans in separate tabs. You can then easily rerun the test plans via the Rerun button.

I hope this helps!




Some time ago I posted this feature request.
I cannot understand the circumstances why this feature isn´t included.
Maybe this is a missunderstanding.

If you test a programm, you get many programm versions.
e.g. Milestone A
v1.0/v1.1/v1.2/v1.3/…v1.9 (every Version dealt within a testplan)
With “coverage rate” it is possible to see, if some cases have never been tested.

But I can´t set an automated testplan sof that coverage rate.
The only way that I see in the moment is to pick up manually every single testcases from the coverage rate.

Your latest advice regarding this topic:
Open every testplan and then “click rerun”
-> I´am not interested which testcases wasn´t tested in separate testplans, this wouldn´t show me
what I´m interested in.

-> I want a testplan that shows me milestone-based all testcases that have never been testetd in this specific milestone. ->overall

Can you help me with that issue?



Hi Philip,

Thanks for your feedback! You can use the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab to find the list of cases which haven’t been run in the full milestone (just include all runs of relevant plans/milestone in the report). The Latest (Coverage) column would be empty for cases that haven’t been run. It’s currently not possible to automatically create a new test plan based on this but we are happy to look into this for a future version.



Hi Tobias,
thank you for your quick reply. As mentioned in my previous post I talked allready about the coverage rate from >Comparison of Cases<.

It would be great (and hardly necessary for all Testrail-Users) if you could implement this feature in a future version.

Please let me know,

Thanks Philip


Hi Philip,

Yes, I just wanted to mention this again (also for other readers) but I understand that creating a plan or the case selection based on this would be ideal. This currently requires manually selecting the cases (based on the report, for example) but we are happy to look into making this more flexible/easy to use as mentioned. Thanks again for your feedback!