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Feature Request: Need the ability to save a test case without exiting the edit mode


I would like to suggest a feature request. Currently when you are in the middle of typing a large test case and you click ctrl+s to save, it takes you out of edit mode. This is less than optimal if you are typing a large test case and you need to save multiple times. This happened to a colleague of mine and she lost internet connection and thus the entire test case she was typing up. So our team advised to continually save, but when you save, you are taken out of edit.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hi Tiffany,

Thank you for the feedback! We have received this request before and we are happy to review adding support for this in a future update. I have added your vote to our feature request for this which helps us to prioritize this internally. That said, we don’t have a specific timeframe/ETA to provide for this yet.

I hope this helps!