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Feature Request: Multiple test results columns


I would like you to consider adding the ability to have multiple results columns for a test run or suite. What I test is primarily web based applications, so I often have to run my tests in different web browsers for compatibility testing. Currently the only ways I would have to record success of failure by browser is to either have a seperate test run for each browser or a separate test case for each browser, so it would be convenient if I could have all of the browser results on one page while only having to make one test for all of them.

I imagine it might look something like this mockup:



Thanks for the feedback. This idea is definitely interesting and I appreciate the mockup to visualize this. We already do support configurations via test plans, but as you mentioned, this is implemented as separate test runs. It might be possible to add an additional view for test runs with configurations in the future to view (and add) the results for all configurations on the same page as you described. I’ve added this as a feature request for now and we will consider this for future updates.