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Feature Request: Multiple API Key Support in Miniapi


Hello, we’ve been experimenting with the Mini API and really like the functionality it provides us for adding automated test results.

We have multiple test groups using TestRail who are interested in the API now and it would be really useful if we could have multiple keys, each mapping to a different user so we could use the enforce the Roles assigned to each User for their Key when using the API.

It looks like I could accomplish this myself by updating testrail/app/controllers/miniapi.php to do so, but was just wondering if this was something that has been discussed as a possible feature in a future release.



Hello Andy,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this is on our feature request list already and we would like to support user-based authentication for the API in the future (either via user-based API keys or via the normal email/password credentials). You could change the miniapi to support multiple API keys in the meantime though (e.g. via an array of user IDs and keys).