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Feature Request - more flexible report scheduling options

3 Months in to adopting testrail we are beginning to increase the visibility on each projects status for users and non-users. However, the current schedule is too simplistic with just daily, weekly and monthly.

The reality of our situation is that there are number of different stakeholders that need different visibility of the same reports. For example, our ideal for a projects test results report would be:

  1. The test lead has a daily report to keep track of the results progress…but he doesn’t need it run on the weekend
  2. The Product Managers and lead developer would benefit from a weekly report, the lead developer being a user and the Product Managers being non-users
  3. some projects having external recipients with bi weekly needs to catch the test results at the end of a sprint.

To achieve this we have to set-up duplicate reports. The daily ones sending updates on the weekend, which are unnecessary and can cause people to feel like they’re spammed.

So the features needed are:
(a) The ability for daily reports to select weekdays and time to send out. (Consider a similar frequency set-up to outlook reminders)
(b) The ability to set-up multiple schedules for different groups of recipients, rather than have to set-up multiple copies of the same report with different scheduling requirements.

I hope that can be achieved as it would make our reporting very powerful.

HI Gary,

Thanks for the post and feature request! I have added your feedback internally to create a feature request for additional report scheduling options, as I do see how these changes would benefit teams.

With TestRail 5.7, you can now also trigger a report on request using the API. Once you have a report template created for a project, you can send the API request to trigger the report as needed. If your team has automation as part of your workflow, it should be possible to implement the schedule for these weekday, weekly, or biweekly reports using TestRail’s API.

Regardless of a team’s API usage, additional scheduling options would still be beneficial.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or requests.

Thanks Jon,

We have the API as an option and have looked into that. It certainly would solve the scheduling dilemma. In fact we are utilising more and more of the api.

My concern is the list of our api work is growing to cover off gaps in Test Rails functionality inc better Jira integration, automated testing and now reporting.

Anyway, thanks for your prompt response, very much appreciated :slight_smile: