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Feature Request: Markdown preview



I’d like to put in a request for some sort of preview functionality for Markdown fields. This is to avoid polluting resource change logs with small editing error corrections and to make it easier to experiment with different Markdown features to make the text nice, pretty and organized.

Most wiki editors offer this type of option via a “Preview” button that shows the finished product of your markup code but does not yet submit it. Wikipedia or even this forum are examples. Some sites show a live preview in a separate section of the page as you type. Stack Overflow is an example of that.

I leave it to you guys decide what would be the best solution, should you decide to implement this.




Hello Costa,

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that this would be useful and we will consider this for a future update. We also plan a few other enhancements to the rich-text formatting capabilities and want to make it easier to discover formatting options (e.g. by adding a light toolbar to Markdown fields). A preview mechanism (instead of a live view) would likely work better for TestRail due to screen space (as we use Markdown in forms with multiple controls) but we will look into this.



Any progress about this preview feature?

Our members are asking me the same as a preview feature. especially for the table.




had the same request


Hi all!

We currently don’t have an update on this but it’s planned to look into this, happy to add another vote :slight_smile: