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Feature Request: Mark test run as "locked"


It’d be nice to be able to make test runs for my team and mark them as “locked” or “in progress” or something similar to prevent testers from executing test cases. This is different from “Close Run” with the key distinction that these locked runs would have no results yet and are awaiting execution from testers.

For example, sometimes my team is waiting on something before we actually start executing a test run even though the test run has already been created. Being able to mark this test run as “locked” would prevent testers from prematurely working on a test run.


had a similar request: Staging a test run


Hi David,

Thanks for your posting! The next version (5.3) will introduce the concept of “upcoming” milestones & test runs and this differentiates between active and upcoming milestones/runs (in addition to completed/closed). This will show upcoming milestones/runs in a separate section on the milestone & run pages and this should also be a good fit in this case.



cool news - great to hear.

is there already an overview of other features that will be part of 5.3 ?


Hi Andreas,

Upcoming milestones/runs and scheduling milestones/runs will be one of them and this also affects and extends many parts of TestRail that aren’t that obvious at first (todo page, progress reports and forecasting, lots of smaller related changes). Other major features will include sub-milestones for sprints/iterations and project favorites.

I hope this helps!



Great, thanks! That seems like it will fit our needs.


You are welcome, David, great to hear that :slight_smile: