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[Feature Request] Mark test as "Retest" when a defect was solved



I like to propose a new feature. When a defect in JIRA, that is linked to a test in test rail, is fixed, one is be able, with one click, to set the test status of the linked test to “Retest”.

The following scenario would support this:

A test fails and a JIRA issue is created and assigned to a person. The person fixes the defect and set the JIRA issue to resolved. To inform the tester to retest the linked test of the issue, the developer needs to go back to Testrail and set the status manually.

It would be nice if there is a button or similar in JIRA that will set all linked test of a defect to “Retest” after the defect is solved


Automatic test result according to defect status

Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, this is definitely interesting and this has come up a few times. It’s already planned to make it easier to change the status in TestRail when you change an issue in JIRA and I’m happy to add another to this feature request.



Our team dream of that feature!


Hi Alexander,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:



This would be really great! Any update on this feature?


Hi Dani,

We still recommend a manual workflow here but it’s also planned to offer something that’s more automated and we would like to look into this for a future version. Happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback!



Hi ,

I would like to put in a feature request for automatic update of test case status to “retest” based on the resolved status of Jira id. Can you please add this as an urgent feature request.
is there a way you can share the TestrailAPI sample script using jirawebhooks ?

Thanks in advance


Hi NB,

Thanks for your feedback! We don’t have any sample scripts available for this currently, and we still plan to look into this for a future update. I’m happy to add your vote to this request as well.



I like to extend my request, so that it a test is not per se set to retest whenever a related issue is set to fixed.

This should still be a manual option available from the Jira plugin (if possible), as with the status resolved for an issue it is not guaranteed that the tester actually has a product with that fix. Resolved != deployed e.g.

Also other issues might have been reported for the test, so in that case the system would reject the request to set it to retest.

After all not the most straightforward request I admit :wink:


Currently, Testlink does this automatically . My team feels that this is handicap in testrail . IF fetaure is not available , can you please provide a API script to use with Jira webhooks ?



Hi Bygones and NB,

Thanks so much for your feedback! As mentioned previously, it’s already planned to make it easier to change the status in TestRail when you change an issue in JIRA, and we’re also looking at options for a more automated way to change the status as well. Your feedback has also been added to this request, however we don’t have any sample scripts to provide for this functionality. If you’d like to consider writing your own API script, you can learn more about TestRail’s API on our website here:



Please add my voice to this, add another vote to your internal tracker or whatever. It would be insanely useful if we could get a test marked for retesting when a jira issue that is linked via the defects moves into a configurable state. (We would want it to mark retest when moved to a “ready for QA” state for example, not when it’s marked as “done”)


I have added a vote for this for you



Could you please share update on this feature. This will help me a lot if its implemented sooner.



It seems that awhile has passed since any information regarding this subject has been brought up. Has there been any movement on implementing a system that would allow that type of integration?


Add my vote to this. This issue came up today. would like to have Jira update the TestRail testcase to retest when the jira item has been fixed.


Adding my vote for this feature. It would be nice to be able to configure which state in Jira sets the Test Rail test to Retest. Also, while implementing this, something to consider, would be the situation when a test case is in a Test plan with number of different configurations. I think it would be nice to be able to test all configurations of that test case to Re-test, not just the test case in the configuration that the bug was linked to. An example: If a bug was filed against a specific browser, when the issue is fixed, I would like to re-test this in the other browsers, where the issue didn’t exist initially, to ensure that the fix didn’t introduce any regressions. But maybe this wouldn’t apply in all situations, so maybe a Test plan setting for choosing the desired behavior would be best.