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Feature request: maintain history of baselined test cases


The baselines feature is useful for taking a snapshot of the master at a given time (such as immediately after a release). But it is unfortunate that the new copy of the test case in the baseline does not maintain any of the previous run history of the test.

Is there any way to follow the lineage of a baselined case back to its original case and any historical results?

Along those lines, if I then delete a case from the Master, is there any way to see how test results progressed historically without manually parsing through every individual archived run?



Hello Logan,

Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you find the new baseline feature useful. The case inheritance or lineage is currently not tracked when creating baselines but we would like to look into this eventually (it was already planned to support this).

Regarding deleting cases: you could use the title of the case to search for other related test cases with the same title in the same project and then open their Results tab. You would then see all results and past runs for the related test cases. Would this work for you?



Thanks Tobias. I hope that feature makes its way in soon!

I think it will be hard to satisfy the deleted case without implementing part 1. If I search by case name, I currently get many cases returned (1 web, 1 android, 1 iOS, and all the baselines for each of those) with no way to distinguish these in the search view without memorizing the Case ID. But more importantly, if I then deleted the Master case, all of the results run from master would be orphaned and have no corresponding Case in the search list.

It’s clear the results (“Tests”) aren’t lost since they are archived separately and still show under “Tests” in search, but now they are no longer correlated by their now removed parent Case.


Thanks for the additional feedback, Logan, that’s really useful. We will definitely make sure to look into this for a future version.