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Feature Request: login page text


I’d like to request a feature whereby someone could post some text on the login page so that folks who do not have accounts know how to get one.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to include URLs in the text to a wiki page, or other location, or just an email address for the admin of the system. That way folks who don’t have accounts can figure out where to go to get one, or who to talk to.

Of course, most of this will not be necessary once LDAP or Active Directory support is available, although there still might be the need since you might not want anyone logging in and eating up your license count.




A way to customize the login page would be useful and would not be complicated to implement, so we will definitely consider it for a future release.

Regarding Active Directory / LDAP integration: we currently plan to allow TestRail administrators to replace the authentication method. So while you would be able to use Active Directory for single sign-on purposes, you would probably still need to add your users to TestRail once. But we are also looking into adding a ‘mass add user’ feature, so we might also integrate this with external systems somehow.



Another idea related to this would be a free form text box on Test Runs as well. This way a manager or lead could comment on why things are so bad or good and it would appear on the Test Run itself.

This exists for projects, although it’s only text and no HTML. It would be useful to enhance the projects page too so that people could link to specific results/test runs that folks should look at.


Hello Steve,

there are already free-text boxes for test runs (and also test suites). When you add or edit a test run/test suite, there’s a Description field that can be used to add some text to the View Test Run and View Test Suite pages, respectively.

That’s already possible. The text boxes use the Markdown rich-text format and among other things, you can just enter URLs and TestRail converts them into clickable links. There’s an in-depth topic about the formatting options of Markdown-enabled text boxes in the TestRail help (Editor Formatting Reference).

You can also link to other entities in TestRail by putting the ID of the entities in brackets: [R10] would link to test run R10. Recognized IDs are:

C - test cases M - milestones R - test runs S - test suites T - tests

And by the way, the text boxes for the test cases or when you enter a comment for a test result also support the Markdown format.



Darn! I should have been paying attention more. Thanks for that - I will look into it!


Actually, I don’t see this field for a Test Plan, which is what I was hoping to use it for. Am I missing something?


Sorry, there is currently no text field for a test plan, only for test runs (and then only for individual test runs, not for test runs created in a test plan). But this is already on our TODO list and will most likely be added to a future version.