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Feature request: Link Jira Issue to test plan or test run - and display aggregated test status in Jira Issue

+1 to link test plans/test runs to Jira. This is more useful than defect or test links.

+1 for this! Would be really appreciated!

+1 for this! I cannot add this to an existing Test Plan.

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+1! we usually have specific runs inside test plans linked to a specific JIRA ticket. This traceability would be greatly appreciated.

Any ETA for adding test plan linking in JIRA?


Hi James,

This is already live as per the release notes here :

Also, please check out this discussion thread too :

Let me know if this helps !


That fix addresses some of the issue. We have test plans with many different runs. We want the ability to link at the test plan level and not have to go and set a reference for each test run separately. What we are really after is the summary info at the test plan level. Having lots of individual summary graphs of all the test runs in Jira is better than nothing, but still doesn’t meet the need of linking at the test plan level.

Please add my vote to link Test Plan to a JIRA issue.

Add my vote also for link Test Plan to JIRA issue. This will be really helpful. Do we have an ETA for it? @shanu.mandot

Now only Test Runs can be linked. Test plans or test runs under a test plan cannot be linked.