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Feature request: Link Jira Issue to test plan or test run - and display aggregated test status in Jira Issue


Adding another +1 for this feature


I have gone ahead and added a vote for you.


+1 for this feature, having to edit test cases to add the reference is a time hit. We would like to be able to link at the results level not just case level.


Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your vote and feedback to the request as well.



Hi there,

Adding my +1 for this feature.


Just want to throw a thought into this thread. It sounds like most of the linking is so that we can see the current status of any test cases that are part of active test runs. To me the most useful way of showing this would be to add a section into Jira that shows a table consisting of the following for each linked test in an active test plan for any linked test cases:

Test Run
Test ID
Status of Test
Assignee (optional)
Test Case ID
Test Case Title (unsure if this is required)


+1 on this feature. We need to be able to link a User Story to a test run, so everyone can see the status of the tests



+1 on this feature, is there any update on where this falls on the roadmap @tgurock or @mgarcia?

Many thanks,



I have added one more vote from me. It’s a must have feature for us.




Thanks for listening to the community input and implementing the “Link a Test Run to Jira” feature. Do you have a schedule, estimate, or even an educated guess as to when this will be available? I don’t mean to pressure you or anything, I am just excited about the feature and look forward to implementing it. It will be a boon for our QA team as our company grows.

Thanks again,


This feature is most useful and we really need it. It would be really nice and helpful while updating the test run with a reference to the Jira ticket all the included test cases references have it concatenated to what already exists in them too.


I like the sound of this feature and would like to see it.

+1 vote from myself as well for this please :slightly_smiling_face:



Add a vote for me as well. This is a snag I’ve run into testing the product. Specifically, at this time I was hoping to find the option to select existing test cases within a given JIRA ticket, rather than having to create a test plan or manually add the references to each test. Even being able to bulk add cases to issues (haven’t figured out how to do this) is an undesirable work-around, as it still requires leaving the JIRA ticket to do so.


I’d also like to vote for this feature. Is there any updates on development timeline?


Adding my +1 for adding the ability to link JIRA issues to a test plan or run.


Please add my vote to this useful enhancement.


Please add my vote also for this feature. We have a similar approach that is already mentioned by other users.
We are planing to do a regression test every two weeks. Each week should be represented by a new Jira Issue with new Ids.
So we thought about linking the ticket to the testplan in testrail. And i was surprised that this obvious solution was not offered


Adding my +1 too. I have these same issues as described, and would really like to see a progress bar that can show execution status and also the number of tests linked, but not yet run.


+11 votes from our QA team



It’s two years since i posted this feature request now and it has collected quite a few votes, so what do you think Gurock? Any chance we will see this feature released this year?

Best Regards
Håvard Kommedal