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Feature request: Link Jira Issue to test plan or test run - and display aggregated test status in Jira Issue


:slight_smile: Thanks again for your feedback!




Since we are voting here I am casting another vote for the ability to link test runs and test plans to JIRA issues.



Hi Kenyon,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:



Please add another vote, this feature would be very useful!:wink:


Thanks for your feedback, @dani :slight_smile:



Another vote for me here.


Also thanks for your feedback, @stcjh :slight_smile:



I would also like the ability to see “Untested” test results in the “TestRail: Results” view in JIRA.

We have been trying to ensure that testers always keep JIRA issues in sync with TestRail - typically JIRAs should always have one or more test results in TestRail, and with 8,500 test cases in one of our main projects linking the cases to JIRAs isn’t desirable. Not showing the “Untested” tests is problematic, as you aren’t quite sure whether there is no test case, or if there is a test case but it isn’t in a test run, or if the test case in a test run but is flagged as “Untested”.

It is also problematic for issues that are revisited during multiple testing phases - you may see your “Passed” results relating to System Testing, but you don’t see the “Untested” UAT result.

We are working around this issue by extracting data from both TestRail and JIRA via each system’s API and producing customised views of the data, but it would be nice if there was less need for this.


Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your post. I have gone ahead and added a vote for you for this feature request.

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team


Please add another vote for me. This is a much needed feature.


I would also like my vote added to this feature request. It would be ideal, and will solve some problems for me when sprint planning in Jira.


Please add another vote for me also.


Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback, votes added!



Hi Marco,

Thank you for taking all the votes into consideration. It seems like this is a popular request. Is there currently any traction to get this in place?



Hi Sunil,

Thanks for your reply! We do still have plans to look into this for a future version of TestRail, however we’re still in the planning phase for this at the moment. We don’t have any timeframes/ETAs that we can provide for this feature just yet, however we’re taking all feedback into consideration as we agree this would also be useful to have and teams have varying use cases for the feature. We typically don’t publish any public roadmaps for TestRail features as we’d prefer not to overpromise and underdeliver, but you can always receive updates on our blog as we always publish a new post with each release that details the new features/changes to TestRail:

Hope this helps!




Another vote from me too.


Hi Ellie,

Vote added, thanks for your feedback!



Please add another vote for me!
been asking for this since I installed testrail… 1 year ago!



Hi Fred,

Thanks! I’ve added your vote and feedback to the request!



Adding my +1 for adding the ability to link JIRA issues to a test plan or run.

We’ve just this week been able to add in the more full JIRA integration, and so far am loving it! Except for this one wee gap.

A little more from my perspective.

Using the “Reference” field in test cases makes sense for us when introducing a new feature and we’re adding in new test cases. Using the “Defect” field in results makes sense when we want to have a link between a failed test result, and its corresponding issue in JIRA.

But as others have noted, there are times when we want to use existing test cases to cover off the testing needed for a particular issue. Or we may want to use a mixture of new and existing test cases. In some cases, there may be many existing test cases needed.

We don’t want to have to put JIRA issue numbers into every test case that might be run. Our reference fields and ties back to requirements would get all tangled up.

We don’t want to have to use the defects field for anything but defects. If we did, our defect reports and analysis in TestRail would become meaningless.

One further note, I wish to truly use JIRA and TestRail in a tightly integrated way. Meaning, I want to be able to go through my JIRA issues and see that we have test notes captured in TestRail. For now, we’re requiring testers to put a link to the test run or plan in the comments of the JIRA issue upon closure. We could add a text reference field for that value. But it would be super awesome if we could have information about the test run/plan pulled from TestRail and displayed in JIRA, rather than having to click on a link.

Thanks much!