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Feature request: Link Jira Issue to test plan or test run - and display aggregated test status in Jira Issue


I find it cumbersome to make sure all test results related to a Jira Issue are linked to the Jira Issue, and besides, if I do, I can only see the results of the test-cases that actually have a test result. If I want to see the test-cases that has not been run yet, I need to link the test cases to, not just the results. It’s easy to forget a link or two and because of this I find it hard to trust that the test status I see is the correct one.

So, I would have loved to see a package of three new features within the TestRail - Jira integration :slightly_smiling:

  1. The ability to link a Jira Issue to a Test Plan or Test Run in Test Rail (preferably a “Create Test Plan” button in Jira that creates a ready linked Test Plan or Test Run in TestRail

  2. The ability to click on the Test Plan / Test Run link in Jira to go to the Test Plan / Test Run in TestRail

  3. In stead of displaying all test results in the Jira Issue, just display a piechart or some kind of a progress bar that indicates how many out of the total number of test cases cases within the test plan / Test Run is passed, blocked, failed, not run etc.

By implementing this you get a way more lean and powerful requirement coverage capability.


Hello Håvard,

Thanks for your feedback! We’ve got the request of linking issues to runs/plans before and I’m happy to add another vote. We usually recommend linking issues mainly on the test case level (References field) and linking results (via the Defects field) only for found bugs and defects (e.g. via the Push integration). This way you wouldn’t need to link every test result to the issue ID and TestRail would fallback to the case link. You can also link an issue to multiple cases in TestRail in a single step via TestRail’s bulk-edit features, so the initial setup is also kept to a minimum amount of work in most cases.

We are also happy to look into additional ways of linking cases and results and the concept of linking runs & plans definitely looks interesting, thanks again!



Thanx Tobias. I think linking on test case level is probably best suitable when you have a very limited number of test-cases. And I was not aware of the bulk linking capability. However, I still think linking on test plan/test run level would add more value when you have larger test scope. If you are interested, I’ll be happy to discuss such a feature package with you when/if you find it worth investigating.

TestRail and JIRA Integration

Thanks, Håvard! Linking on the case level is the most flexible option but we will make sure to look into adding support for linking runs/plans as well for a future version of the add-on/integration.



Hi, Tobias!
Could you investigate and include this new feature in next release?

I will be happy too if I can link Jira issues (new features, improvement, task, subtask) with TestRail’s Test Plan or Test Run.

Additionaly QA team will be able to control requirements coverage by testing (requirements keep as Jira’s issues). I know analog of this functionality exist in HP ALM.
It may be just field References for Test Plan|Test Runs as for Case. This setting will apply for all Runs or Cases when user will be create or edit Test Plan or Test Run.

And will be the greatest if Project Manager will be able to create new Test Plan for QA team in TestRail from Jira automatically when he creates issues (for example, new features) in Jira.


Hello Alexandra,

Thanks for your posting, that’s appreciated! We currently don’t have an estimate for this feature but I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. It’s definitely planned to look into this for a future version, thanks again for your feedback!



I’d like to add another vote for linking a test run to a JIRA issue. It seems the most natural way to model agile testing: I verify an issue with a test run, not with test cases. I see the relationship between test case and JIRA issue as temporary, because the JIRA issue is a user story or bug that will be completed at the end of the sprint. Once completed, it really has no meaningful relationship to test cases, because test cases evolve, while closed JIRA issues are stagnant. Plus, a test case can be used concurrently in multiple active test runs, for regression testing different JIRA issues. While TestRail does allow you to relate the test case to all of those issues, it doesn’t make sense to do so. For one thing, the results for all the tests would show up in every related JIRA issue, which would be confusing. For agile testing, I don’t see any useful purpose for the test cases => JIRA issue relationship. Could be I am missing the point here!

I would like to give you kudos on your user interface and test specification/execution model. So far I am enjoying using it and am very satisfied. But not being able to link test run => JIRA issue makes me feel I’m missing out on what would be a slick JIRA integration. Would love to see it! Thanks.


Thanks for your feedback and explanation, that’s really appreciated! We are happy to look into this for a future version as an additional feature as part of the JIRA integration. We’ve now got the feedback a few times and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks again :slight_smile:



Hello there!

I too would like to vote for this. It would save me time linking a TestRun vs individual TestCases, and seeing the run appear in the JIRA Results field would be the bees knees.



Hi Graeme,

Thanks for your feedback, happy to add another vote :slight_smile:



Hi there,

We are in the process of evaluating Test Rail for purchase and I think that this might be a deal breaker for us.

We have full pass regression suites with dozens of test cases related to a release. We add those test cases to a test run and then execute it. Currently in order to get the results to feed into Jira at all, we need to add a Jira ticket # to every single test case. Since these are repeated multiple times across every release cycle, this is not a tenable solution.

Can you either give me a valid workaround to report test run results into Jira or give me an ETA as to when this will be added?

Our purchase hinges on this answer.


Hi Annette,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated. Do you use different issue IDs for every release? If the issue IDs are static, you can also simply reuse your previous test cases (which are already linked) and you wouldn’t need to copy cases just for creating a new test run. We currently don’t have an estimate for linking issues on the test run/plan level unfortunately but it’s already planned to look into this. I can’t be more specific at this point because plans can change and we don’t have a fixed time frame at this point unfortunately.



Hi Tobias,

In this case we would be using different Jira IDs. The scenario I am describing is a full set of regressions that are run X amount of times during every 2 week sprint. Because the old Jira tickets would have (hopefully) been closed with the previous sprint, we would want the results on a new ticket.

It IS possible, however that the test rail dashboard within Jira will provide the info I am looking for. I am just starting to explore that.

Thank you so much for the response!


Thanks, Annette! One option is to add the (new) issue IDs to the test cases as additional reference. If all cases refer to the same issue IDs, you can simply use the bulk-edit feature in this case (just select multiple cases, then use Edit Selected from the toolbar above the case list).



Hi Tobias,

Please add a vote from me as well for this feature. :slight_smile: I’m also having problems with only linking in field “Reference”. In that field I want to have links to the requirements and not the issues as “cjohnson” explained so good. It would be better to have a more temporary connection in a test plan.



Thanks for your feedback, Jenny! If you prefer raw links instead of issue IDs (that are turned into links by TestRail), you can also add a separate custom field for this (of type Text).



Well, TestRail allows you add a custom field on the test-case, but not test run where it makes sense to put it based on what Jenny explains. Would generate a lot of clicking if you are to do this on test case level. Still think the change package on the first post in this thread is the by far most value adding feature request I have seen on this forum


Yes, I’ve tried to add a separate custom field several times with different formats but it seems impossible to create a direct link to a Jira issue as you can in “Reference”. I think also it would be better to have a temporary connection between issues and test cases on a test plan level.



Thanks for your feedback, Håvard, Jenny. Yep, it’s planned to look into this and it’s becoming clear that this is a very popular feature request :slight_smile:



Hooray!! Looking forward to have that feature. :clap::wink: