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[FEATURE REQUEST] Link existing Test Cases/Runs in JIRA ticket

When using the JIRA integration, adding a test case or test run brings up the option to create a test run or test case. Is it possible to instead link and existing test case or test run? Ideal would be able to link test cases from within a test run already created.

You can link to a Jira user story from inside your TestRail test case. Fill the References field with the Jira Issue id.

Yes, we can do that, but looking to do it from within Jira for those who do not have a license or to link to a test run directly. Ideally … linking to the test run test case (Txxx) would be what we would like most as we reuse Test Cases over and over and filling the reference tab with 100’s of Jira ticket #'s is not terribly helpful.

Too see data in Test Rail, a user has to have a license.